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Whaling… a uniquely egalitarian pursuit.

Young America, like most of the world, was a segregated colony and country. That racial heritage has beleaguered our nation...

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Springtime Musings on Nantucket.

This has of been a very strange and trying time for us on an off-shore island, as it has been...

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  • 3 months ago by nantucketantiques A seriously special piece of Nantucket memorabilia and something for all Edward Gorey fans. This is an original program for
  • 3 months ago by nantucketantiques We’re here today at the shop and ready to satisfy your every whim. Ciara ‍♀️and Jack‍♂️  #halloween   #samhain   #americangothic  nantucketantiquesdepot
  • 3 months ago by nantucketantiques "E Pluribus Unum" the motto proposed for the first Great Seal of the United States by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin,
  • 2 months ago by nantucketantiques We’re really excited to share this one of a kind piece with you. Fresh from a Nantucket estate is this
  • 2 months ago by nantucketantiques Photographer Terrance Walsh  @tmwphotog12  surprised us by taking our photo at the shop recently. Jack and I were working together
  • 2 months ago by nantucketantiques ✨We know many of you have already shopped early this year, but for those of you that might still be
  • 2 months ago by nantucketantiques ✨We thought that since so many of you couldn’t make it to Nantucket for the annual “Stroll” and couldn’t stop
  • 4 weeks ago by nantucketantiques Christmas greetings from our home to yours. We hope everyone had a peaceful day. Ciara and Jack  #christmas   #nantucket   #peace 
  • 3 weeks ago by nantucketantiques If you're anything like us you'll be spending lots of time inside this Winter, so we thought we would provide
  • 6 days ago by nantucketantiques We’ve been busy photographing, answering your emails and messages and shipping items to you. We’ve also been keeping ourselves busy
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