Rare Early to Mid19th Century Snowshoe Chair

Rare Early to Mid19th Century Snowshoe Chair


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Rare Early to Mid19th Century Snowshoe Chair, a rustic whittled hardwood side chair frame with two back slats and retaining its original woven sinew seat. One often sees 20th Century revivals of this North Woods furniture form, but early antique examples are practically non-existent. This chair was likely made in Maine or Canada and is truly a museum piece.

The frame remains in great, strong condition. The seat has lost some of its woven sinew web, but still remains surprisingly strong. The seat could be easily restored. Note that in the primary image our background-removing software removed one of the front stretchers; you can see in the additional photos that both stretchers are present and in fine condition.

Measures: 34 in High x 17-1/2 in Wide x 13 in Deep

Seat Height: 16 in High

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