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Massachusetts or Maine Merganser Drake Decoy, circa 1900
Price: $1,425.00

Early Massachusetts or Maine Red-Breasted Merganser Drake Decoy, circa 1900, in old working paint

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Carved and Painted Humpback Whale Plaque by Thomas DeMont, Martha's Vineyard
Price: $1,475.00

A Folk Art Hand Carved Humpback Whale Plaque, by the late renown Edgartown scrimshaw artist Thomas DeMont, 2010,

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19th Century British Sailor’s Woolie of a Ship-of-the-Line, circa 1840
Price: $4,600.00

19th Century British Sailor’s Woolie of a Ship-of-the-Line, circa 1840

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18th Century Delft Covered Urn
Price: $1,425.00

Antique Dutch Delft pottery covered urn, mid-18th century

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Antique Sailor's Souvenir Glass Rolling Pin
Price: $345.00

Antique Sailor’s Souvenir Cobalt Glass Decorated Rolling Pin, Early to Mid 19th Century.

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Period Printed Broadside of the Titanic Catastrophe, Published on April 15, 1912
Price: $1,200.00

Period printed broadside of the titanic catastrophe, published on April 15, 1912, the first announcement in print of the sinking.

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Folk Art Crew Team Scull Blade Trophy from King’'s College, Cambridge, 1947
Price: $1,245.00

Folk art rowing crew team scull blade trophy from King’'s college, Cambridge, 1947, oar inscribed as trophy.

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Folk Art Large Ship in a Bottle, Mid 20th Century
Price: $1,225.00

Vintage Folk Art Large Ship in a Bottle, circa 1950s, with hand crafted dioramain gallon cider bottle.

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Folk Art Carved Sperm Whale
Price: $725.00

Contemporary Folk Art Carved Wooden Sperm Whale, made in the last ten years but in a manner to look much older.

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19th Century Valentine
Price: $280.00

Antique valentine, circa 1850, with a color printed and embossed "Dresden"

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Martha's Vineyard Black Duck Decoy by Frank Richardson, circa 1920
Price: $1,275.00

Antique Martha's Vineyard black duck drake decoy by Frank Richardson, Anthier's Pond in Edgartown (now called Sengekontacket Pond, circa 1920

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