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19th Century Chip Carved Tramp Art Box
Price: $825.00

Late 19th Century Tramp Art Box, circa 1880, a large footed box with pyramidal form

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Navajo Rug, circa 1920s
Price: $1,600.00

Antique Navajo rug, circa 1920s, from the estate of the late Dan Fogelberg

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19th Century New England Bushel Basket
Price: $445.00

19th Century New England Woven Splint Bushel Basket, circa 1880

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Folk Art Up-Cycled Clown Sculpture
Price: $825.00

Unique Folk Art Up-Cycled Clown Sculpture, 19th and 20th Centuries

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Antique Mahogany Inlaid Game Box.
Price: $525.00

19th Century Mahogany Inlaid Game Box.

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Early 20th Century Carved Blue Whale Plaque
Price: $475.00

Early Vintage Carved Wooden Blue Whale Plaque, circa 1920s to 1940s

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Mid 19th C. Scotsman Tobacco Trade Figures
Price: $22,000.00

Two Superb 19th Century Tobacconist Countertop Trade Figures

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Pair of 19th Century Bronze Native American Indian Andirons
Price: $1,825.00

Pair of cast bronze Native American Andirons, from the second half of the 19th century, based on the classic image of a Massachusetts Indian Sachem standing atop a scallop shell.

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19th Century Valentine
Price: $575.00

Antique Valentine, circa 1850, three dimensional valetine mounted in period shadowbox frame

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Antique Gun Canes
Price: $4,800.00

(L) French Shotgun Poacher’s Cane by St. Etienne, circa 1870.

(R) 18th Century Flintlock Tinder Box Cane.

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"Flags of All Nations" Carrom Game Board and Playing Pieces, circa 1900
Price: $945.00

Antique Carrom Game Board Featuring the "The Instructive Game of the Flags of All Nations" as well "All the Carrom Games" and an additional "20 new Games this season of 1900."

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Antique Sedan Chair Vitrine Cabinet
Price: $1,650.00

Antique Sedan Chair Vitrine Cabinet.

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