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Antique Gun Canes
Price: $4,800.00

(L) French Shotgun Poacher’s Cane by St. Etienne, circa 1870.

(R) 18th Century Flintlock Tinder Box Cane.

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Early 20th Century Carved Blue Whale Plaque
Price: $475.00

Early Vintage Carved Wooden Blue Whale Plaque, circa 1920s to 1940s

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Antique Blown Glass Demijohn
Price: $475.00


Antique Blown Glass Demijohn, 19th Century.

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Early 20th Century Folk Art Driftwood Dachshund Dog
Price: $825.00

Early 20th century Folk Art driftwood dachshund, circa 1920, a natural form piece of driftwood that has been sculpted with moded clay and with Periwinkle shell eyes.

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19th Century Hand-Painted Circus Rounding Board
Price: $4,800.00

Carved and painted circus or carnival “Rounding Board”,circa 1890.

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"Flags of All Nations" Carrom Game Board and Playing Pieces, circa 1900
Price: $945.00

Antique Carrom Game Board Featuring the "The Instructive Game of the Flags of All Nations" as well "All the Carrom Games" and an additional "20 new Games this season of 1900."

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Early Vintage Irish Pub Sign
Price: $6,800.00

Antique or early vintage Irish Pub Sign, circa 1920s, a real antique pub sign for "The Whale"

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Large 18th Century Pennsylvania Carved Frieze
Price: $2,400.00

Large Colonial Pennsylvania carved frieze, an 18th century hand-carved pine single board panel with deep bas relief acanthus leaf scrolls against a scoop carved background.

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18th Century Silk Embroidered Nautical Scene - HOPE
Price: $1,225.00

18th Century George III Silk Embroidered Nautical Scene, circa 1780, a refined picture made by hand-embroidered silk on silk, with hand-painted details, depicting a version of the classic "Sailor's Farewell"

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Antique Mahogany Inlaid Game Box.
Price: $525.00

19th Century Mahogany Inlaid Game Box.

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American 42 Star Flag, circa 1890
Price: $1,125.00

Antique 42 Star American flag commemorating Washington Statehood, circa 1890.

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Jack & Ciara Fritsch, Proprietors