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Nantucket Sperm Whale Whirligig - SOLD
Price: $875.00

Nantucket Sperm Whale Weather Vane Whirligig.

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19th Century Scrimshaw Panbone Plaque
Price: $6,800.00

Antique Scrimshaw Panbone Plaque, circa 1850.

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Late 19th Century Folk Art Fisherman's  Rope Eel Basket - SOLD
Price: $895.00

Late 19th Century Fisherman's Rope Woven Eel Basket, circa 1890.

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19th Century Colored Lithograph of Sperm Whaling with Its Varieties, by John Bufford, 1870
Price: $8,400.00

Fine colored lithograph of Sperm Whaling with its Varieties, after Original by Benjamin Russell (New Bedford: 1804-1885), Published by John Henry Bufford (Boston: 1810-1870), Artist’s Proof printed in 1870.

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Antique Whale Bone Hippocampus Pie Crimper - SOLD
Price: $1,125.00

Antique Scrimshaw Whale Bone Figural Pie Crimper, Late 18th or Early 19th Century.

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Sailor’s Folk Art Game of Recluse, Late 18th or Early 19th Century.
Price: $1,825.00

An antique hand carved sailor’s game of Recluse or Solitaire, late 18th or early 19th Century, having a carved paddle-shaped tropic wood board with inlaid veneer and a sliding drawer holding 36 carved bone pegs.

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Antique Ship Shadowbox - SOLD
Price: $3,800.00

Antique Nantucket Ship Shadowbox

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Period Printed Broadside of the Titanic Catastrophe, Published on April 15, 1912
Price: $1,200.00

Period printed broadside of the titanic catastrophe, published on April 15, 1912, the first announcement in print of the sinking.

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Antique Sailor's Souvenir Glass Rolling Pin
Price: $345.00

Antique Sailor’s Souvenir Cobalt Glass Decorated Rolling Pin, Early to Mid 19th Century.

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19th Century Whale Trade Sign - SOLD
Price: $0.00

19th Century Carved and Painted Trade Sign for a Whale Oil and Candle Merchant

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Antique Nantucket Ship's Wheel Dining Table
Price: $4,800.00

Antique Nantucket Ship's Wheel Dining Table from Nantucket Island, made by the renowned Scrimshaw artist Nancy Chase

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