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Nantucket Sperm Whale Whirligig - SOLD
Price: $875.00

Nantucket Sperm Whale Weather Vane Whirligig.

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Jose Reyes Nantucket Basket, circa 1950
Price: $7,400.00

Jose Formoso Reyes "Cocktail Purse" Nantucket Basket, circa 1950.

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Vintage Nantucket Purse signed by Nancy Chase, 1969 - SOLD
Price: $2,800.00

Vintage Nantucket Purse signed by Nancy Chase, 1969.

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Susan Chase Nantucket "Two Egg" Basket
Price: $1,400.00

Vintage Nantucket “Two Egg” Basket by Susan Chase, circa 1977.

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Nantucket Watercolor of Catboat and Steamship at Brant Point by Robert Spring
Price: $4,200.00

Original watercolor "Nantucket Twilight" of a Nantucket catboat and the steamship UNCATENA Rounding Brant Point in 1915, by Robert Spring, 1989

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Vintage Sherwin Boyer Nantucket Basket - SOLD
Price: $3,600.00

Vintage Sherwin Boyer Nantucket Basket, circa 1960s.

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Tony Sarg Bicycle Map of Nantucket, 1930s - SOLD
Price: $895.00

Very rare Young's bicycle shop map of Nantucket, by noted folk artist/author/puppeteer Tony Sarg (1880 - 1942), made in the early 1930s.

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Antique Ship Shadowbox - SOLD
Price: $3,800.00

Antique Nantucket Ship Shadowbox

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Jose Reyes Nantucket Basket
Price: $7,400.00

Jose Formoso Reyes "Cocktail Purse" Nantucket Basket, circa 1950

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19th Century Colored Lithograph of Sperm Whaling with Its Varieties, by John Bufford, 1870
Price: $8,400.00

Fine colored lithograph of Sperm Whaling with its Varieties, after Original by Benjamin Russell (New Bedford: 1804-1885), Published by John Henry Bufford (Boston: 1810-1870), Artist’s Proof printed in 1870.

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Nantucket Souvenier Plate
Price: $425.00

Oldest House

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