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» Marine » All » Period Printed Broadside of the Titanic Catastrophe, Published on April 15, 1912

Period Printed Broadside of the Titanic Catastrophe, Published on April 15, 1912

Price: $1,200.00

Period printed broadside of the titanic catastrophe, published on April 15, 1912, a colored print of the “Titanic” on the high seas, with her history and statistics, ship’s course, and description of the wreck detailed across the bottom. This was the first announcement in print to the outside world of the collision and sinking of the Titanic, published by Tichnor Bro’s in Boston and rushed onto the newsstands on that very morning. To enable this immediacy, Tichnor Bro.s took another print they were running to advertise the sailing of the Titanic’s sister ship Olympic: her name was scratched off the plate and the word Titanic inscribed behind it (so her name appears aft of where it actually was on the ship). Word came first to Boston from Halifax, Nova Scotia, because the two cities were directly linked by telegraph and the first Marconi wireless in America; because of the rush, this printing famously carries a few errors in statistics and details. Printed on cheap stock, relatively few of these were colored, and they deteriorated quickly so few have survived in great condition. This one retains strong color, and the paper is in good condition but with distinct foxing (brown spots appearing from the acid in the paper reacting with the moisture in the air). Archival matted and framed.

20.75 in.Hx28.75 in.W                                        $1200       

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