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Antique Gun Canes

Price: $4,800.00

Scarce French Shotgun Poacher’s Cane by St. Etienne, circa 1870, having a horn-shaped steel handle which unscrews to expose the breach; the ferrule removes from the steel shaft and clips onto the handle to cock the hammer and work the trigger.

35 ¼ in L          $4800                              


Rare 18th Century Flintlock Tinder Box Cane, circa 1770, having a steel flint lock mechanism mounted on a brass tinder chamber and faux barrel, with what appears to be a walnut stock. Such tinder boxes were usually left as is, or mounted with struts to stand upright on a table; this one cleverly was mounted as a walking stick with a tapering wooden shaft ending with a steel ferrule.

35 7/8 in L          $1985                          

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