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» Marine » All » 19th Century Whale Trade Sign - SOLD

19th Century Whale Trade Sign - SOLD

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A Folk Art Trade Sign of a Sperm Whale, early to mid 19th Century, out of a Nantucket estate but originally found on Cape Cod. Extremely rare sign carved in the round, with carved eye and mouth, upswept tail, and very old grey painted surface with intriguing white spot pattern on the top. The origonal coat of grey with the same white spots is visible under the second coat. The sculpture has exactly the type of naive artistry that one would hope to find in a piece from the rural and isolated Cape Cod of the period. Hung outside a shop (where the sign of a whale denotes whale products - valuable whale oil and spermaceti candles), the bottom and one side of the sign show the wear from years of people giving the overhead whale a wack as they passed beneath.

37 inches long x 14 inches high x 7 inches wide. 

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