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» Featured Items » All » Antique American 45 Star Flag

Antique American 45 Star Flag

Price: $945.00

Antique American 45 Star Flag with the stars arranged in the early "Dancing Star" pattern, circa 1896, the official U.S. flag authorized by Congress when Utah was admitted to the Union, and lasting only twelve years until, 1908. Congress had not yet established rigid specifications for the flag where the stars would all be aligned perfectly in the same orientation, so some early flags such as this one exhibit stars set somewhat haphazardly with the points aiming in various directions producing a great, folky "dancing star" effect. This flag is made of very thin linen, and is in good condition with soft fading, minor holes and some fraying about the edges. The honest wear and weathering add to the historical charm. It has been recently mounted in a bird's eye maple frame.

Flag measures: 15 in H x 25-1/2 in W

Frame measures: 20 in H x 29-1/2 in W.

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