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» Nantucket Items » All » Nantucket Whale Weather Vane Whirligig, circa 1950s

Nantucket Whale Weather Vane Whirligig, circa 1950s

Price: $825.00

Vintage Nantucket Sperm Whale Weather Vane Whirligig, circa 1950s, a well used mid century whale whirligig. This is an unusual version of the classic Nantucket whale made famous by Lincoln Ceeley. Unlike his work, and all the copies, this one has sunken relief carved pectoral fins (where Ceeley had no fins at all) - quite a sophisticated bit of handiwork and a great stylish addition to the model. Also, the whales by Ceeley and his protege Aletha Macy had teeth, where this one has a smooth mouth. The head is counter-balanced by three lead plugs, a feature I do not recall seeing on any other whales. The end of the body seems thicker here as well, though It does of course still have the shaped tail made to twirl in the wind.

Nantucketers liked to mount these whale whirligigs on porch rails and shanty roofs, and this one shows its time outside. It is in good condition, but does proudly show chipped and weathered paint, and the wooden plug covering one of the lead plugs is missing.

Measures: 5-3/4 in H x 18 in L x 3/4 in W

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