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» Marine » All » Folk Art Carved Sperm Whale

Folk Art Carved Sperm Whale

Price: $725.00

Contemporary Folk Art Carved Wooden Sperm Whale, made in the last ten years but in a manner to look much older. The artist built this whale in "lifts" lie an old half hull model with several pieces of wood laminated together in horizontal layers and then carved in the round. Several seams and a gap have been intentionally left exposed to give the illusion of shrinkage and age. This dramatic whale features an open mouth to expose the carved teeth, recessed eyes with tack pupils, the body curved in an arc (like a comma) to capture the motion of swimming, prominent raised pectoral fins, and bold, contoured tail flukes. The painted surface is mottled and textured. The sculpture is signed KJM on the bottom.

Measures overall: 11-1/4 in H x 20 in L x 7-1/2 in W

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