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» Marine » All » 18th Century Silk Embroidered Nautical Scene

18th Century Silk Embroidered Nautical Scene

Price: $1,450.00

18th Century George III Silk Embroidered Nautical Scene, circa 1780, a refined picture made by hand-embroidered silk on silk, with hand-painted details, depicting a version of the classic "Sailor's Farewell" with a patrician young lady in melancholic pose on shore leaning against an anchor, gazing at a ship sailing away over the horizon with presumably her beau. The quality of the embroidery is exquisite as is typical with these early silks, and the painted details include very delicately done facial features and hair, as well as the wispy clouds in the blue sky.

This is a lovely companion piece to another Georgian nautical silk embroidery we have listed.

These silk embroideries are thought to be the work of young ladies, no doubt from the upper classes to be able to afford such a dear material (as opposed to the thread and linen used by the middle class gals in their much more common finishing school Samplers. Georgian embroideries most often depicted stylized mourning or genre scenes; nautical pictures are really quite scarce. The ocean here is embroidered in a manner which seems reminiscent of Chinese Export work.

Silk is extremely fragile and does not age well over the centuries, so this piece is actually in very good condition relative to most you would see. There are some rust stains coming through from nails in the mounting, several short tears from the backing, and some discoloration probably due to sunlight. Between subject and condition, it is probably the best Georgian silk embroidery we have ever had. It is mounted in a fairly recent bird's eye maple frame.

It measures overall: 16 in H x 12-3/4 in W

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