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» Featured Items » All » "Flags of All Nations" Carrom Game Board and Playing Pieces, circa 1900

"Flags of All Nations" Carrom Game Board and Playing Pieces, circa 1900

Price: $945.00

Antique Carrom Game Board Featuring the "The Instructive Game of the Flags of All Nations" as well "All the Carrom Games" and an additional "20 new Games this season of 1900." A brilliantly decorative game board with faux "mahogany finish", the "Star Archarena Combination Boards" was the fanciest of the Carrom boards, featuring as advertised a plethora of colorful flags in the center and around the entire perimeter; the reverse has a graphic backgammon and checkerboard, with the carrom net pockets in the four corners (missing one). The Archarena Co label remains intact on one edge.

This set has miraculously retained a box full of playing pieces, comprising ten pins, rings, checkers, rooks, topsy-turvy, etc. I have never seen pieces with a carrom board before. I do not know if they are all there (who would?) but there is a gang of them.

This set also has its original instructions booklet describing all of the inherent games, including Crokinole, Four Pocket Carrom, Archarena, Billiardette, Ten Pins, Cocked Hat, Checkers, Backgammon and more. The enclosed colorful label would look great framed on its own.

The board is in very good condition with strong patterned surface (they were very proud of their signature Mahogany Finish!) and the colorful flags and other decorations still bright and true. There are the few expected nicks and scrapes, and of course the twine net pockets show their wear and tear, with two very good, one tattered and one missing entirely. It would not be difficult to hand knot a replacement if one felt compelled.

Measures: 28 in L x 28 in W x 2 1/2 in Thick

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